Joyce Jonathan China Tour 2019




Joyce Jonathan has been focusing on her new album after her last China tour in June 2017.

Now her new album《ON》is finally released at the end of 2018, and she certainly won't miss to share it with her Chinese fans.

Joyce will make a tour from May 24th to June 4th in 9 cities this time. She will interact more with her fans, and you might be the one invited to dance《ON》the stage with her!


5.24 上海 Mao Live Shanghai     {[][][]}

5.25 杭州 Mao Live Hangzhou    {[][][]}

5.26 北京 Mao Live Beijing          {[][][]}

5.29 西安 Mao Live Xi An            {[][][]}

5.30 重庆 Nuts Live Chongqing   {[][][]}

5.31 昆明 Mao Live Kunming       {[][][]}

6.01 长沙 Mao Live Changsha     {[][][]}

6.02 深圳 Hou Live Shenzhen     {[][][]}

6.04 厦门 Real Live Xiamen        {[][][]}

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