Julien COTTEREAU 《Imagine-Toi》2014 China Tour


Julien COTTEREAU 《Imagine-Toi》May 28- June 19, 2014 China Tour Show up at Guangzhou, Ningbo, Shaoxing, Keqiao, Hangzhou, Taicang, Shanghai, Tongxiang, Changzhou, Nanjing, Dezhou, Jinan, Xuzhou and Beijing!


No scenery, no artifice, no accessories. If he needs something, he invents it! Trained at the prestigious “Cirque du Soleil”, Julien Cottereau is both a mime artist and a clown and won the Molière 2007 for the best new male artist. Knocking-for-six show Imagine yourself will go beyond your imagination and delight young and old.

Ticket booking at ticket2010.com and damai.cn or direct at the theater




5.28-29 Guangzhou Puppet art theater/广州木偶剧院 020-84310235 booking/购票

6.2 Ningbo Yifu theater/宁波逸夫大剧院 0574-87291761 booking/购票

6.3 Shaoxing theater/绍兴大剧院 0575-85202255 booking/购票

6.4 Keqiao Bluesky theater/柯桥蓝天大剧院 0575-81162828 booking/购票

6.5 Zhejiang drama center/浙江省话剧艺术中心(杭州) 0571-88056736 booking/购票

6.6 Taicang theater/太仓大剧院 0512-53206688 

6.7-8 Shanghai Yihai theater/上海艺海剧院 021-62568282 booking/购票

6.10 Tongxiang culture center/桐乡文化展览中心 0573-88131809 

6.11 Changzhou Phonix theater/常州凤凰大剧院 0519-80117807 

6.13 Nanjing theater/南京前线大剧院 025-84432980 booking/购票

6.14 Dezhou theater/德州大剧院 0534-2237770, 2372928

6.15 Jinan theater/济南大剧院 0531-55707333 

6.16 Xuzhou music hall/徐州音乐厅 0516-85820677 

6.18-19 Beijing Baoli theater/北京保利剧院 010-64063993 booking/购票


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