LeShow New Visual Identity for a new partnership !

LeShow New Visual Identity for a new partnership !

Hi everyone! 

While we are now crafting for you some new kind of live immersive experiences with our new partner Nextdream Ent. Corp., we decided to refresh our visual identity. Here is our new logo! 

Begining of a new era for LeShow!

Thanks for your support and trust, we will continue better and better together! 

Stay tuned for our upcoming amazing live acts! 

LeShow & Nextdream Ent. Corp. wishes you an amazing day!

嗨,大家好! 近期我们将会有许多更新,并正与我们的新合作伙伴Nextdream Ent. Corp., 为您制作更新型的现场演出体验。 这是我们的新标志! 希望你们会喜欢它! 敬请关注即将到来的惊人现场演出! LeShow祝大家美好的一天!

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Welcome to LeShow! LeShow is a young performance producing and managing company created in 2011 based in Paris and Shanghai.
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